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The Panoramic Door has been recognized by industry-leading magazines for its unique and innovative design. By removing the hinges that connect the panels to each other, the Panoramic design frees up the panels and in turn, allows you more control over the opening. With the Panoramic Door you can open one, two, three or however many panels as you please. 

The Panoramic Door puts you in control of your environment allowing you to decide where people will come in and go out. You also can alter the airflow to suit your needs! The Panoramic Door is much more than a folding patio door, it is an environmental control unit that lets you manage your living space.

And because we are the factory you not only get the “most innovative patio door”, you also get an unbeatable price that you can be proud of.

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The Perfect Installation

Our installation video tutorial provides all the information you or your contractor will need to properly install your Panoramic Doors. In this series, we will take you step-by-step through the installation process.

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Our Innovative Design Is Truly Amazing!

When we set out to build the most affordable and user friendly folding patio doors, we made a decision to never compromise on quality or customer satisfaction. Five years after the inception of the Panoramic Slide-N-Pivot patio door, we have garnered multiple design awards and have amassed thousands of happy customers all across North America.

The Panoramic Folding Patio Door is an affordable alternative to the costly bi-fold, accordion, and glass wall systems that are fast becoming the most influential aspect of modern home and restaurant design. With the introduction of the Panoramic Folding Patio Door, you too can enjoy the luxury of a wide open space at an affordable price! We are so confident that you will love our low cost that we have designed an instant online quoter so you can do your own quote and see right away how much you can save with the innovative Panoramic Door.

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Award Winning Innovation

Recognized by industry leading publications for innovation, the Panoramic Folding Patio Door is a feature rich door system with multiple advantages over the typical accordion/bi-fold doors.

Magnaline Systems was recognized by Glass Magazine as the to
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I was originally looking at Lx Cxxxxxx doors, but stumbled upon Panoramic. These doors are exactly what I had been looking for to completely open my living room on to my terrace, and without the ugly hinges that folding-style doors have. These have the clean, streamlined look that I became accustomed to while living in Europe.

The door arrived exactly as I had specified and the build quality was just like in the showroom. The installation was very professional and we are very happy with the result. 9 months in, the door looks like new and I just ordered another for the other side of the house. I’m so relieved that I found these guys!

Joseph T
My client, Michele wanted the indoor outdoor concept because she and her husband like to entertain large groups of people. I had heard of Panoramic Doors but was concerned that the cost might be beyond my clients budget. I showed them the Panoramic Doors online demo and they were immediately hooked; they had to have these doors.

I contacted Kornel Galambos at the Panoramic Doors – Los Angeles location and he answered all of my questions and provided timely, professional advice.

I was able to provide my client two 3-panel doors for the 9′ openings and two 4-panel doors for the 12′ openings for about the same price as we had budgeted for the Mxxxxx Txxxxxx sliders, but we went from a 6′ (66%) and 6′ (50%) openable space to a 8.5′ (95%) and a 11.25′ (94%) openable space.

So now I look like a hero to my clients and Kornel Galambos at Panoramic Doors is saved to my favorites list for future projects.
I definitely recommend this product to homeowners and building professionals.

Michael Hardy
Mike was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The doors look super and at this point function well. I would not hesitate using Panoramic Doors again
Lenny Salmon